This Agreement is a legal document. Read it carefully before buying and using a camerabelt™. It provides information about the camerabelt™ and the way you should use it. It also contains warranty information. By buying and then using the belt, you are confirming acceptance of the conditions mentioned below.

1/The camerabelt™
The camerabelt™, from hereafter called 'the belt', is designed for use by (professional) cameramen who work with hand-held camera's in the (semi) professional market. It's only use is to guide the cable, attached to the camera, in a convenient and easy way, so you won't feel any pulling at the cable. The belt should not be worn on a unprotected body, always wear some garment to avoid direct contact with the naked skin, to avoid skindammage. The belt is ment to use only in a secure (preferably, well lit, indoor) studio environment. Do not use the belt for any other purpose than mentioned above.

2/ Wooden stabilizer
The attached wooden stabilizer helps to support the camera and may provide a more stable shot, shooting from the hip, depending on the quality and skill's, of the cameraman. No cameraman /woman /operator/ director or anyone else, may expect any improvement of his, it's or her (camera)work, using the belt

3/ Responsibility
cable-on™ / camerabelt™ is not responsible for any damage to persons,equipment, personal belongings or environment. The belt may not be used for any other activity than mentioned above.

Cable-on, camerabelt™ is not responsible for any dammage, materially,physically or mentaly, to user or bystanders, animals /children or other persons. Any damage by using the belt, in a working or private environment, will be the responsibility of the cameraman, his or her assistant, or anybody else, using or providing the belt.

Special exclusion's.

The belt may specifically not be used in the following situations or

a/ Do not use the belt to secure or connect yourself to any moving or non moving object. The belt may most certainly not be used to secure or connect yourself or others, adults, and / or children and /or animals for safety or any other reason to cars, boats, airplane's, or any other means of transportation.

b / Do not use the belt for any climbing action, neither indoor nor outdoor.
c / Do not use the belt in airplanes, helicopters, hanggliders or flying machines of any kind.
d / Do not use the belt on board any ship, surfboard, waterbike, vessel, boat or anything that floats, on open or secluded (such as swimming pools) water.

e/ Do not use the belt in, on or at driving or parked cars and trucks.

d/ Do not use the belt to explore cave's or underground constructions. Do not use it for space travel, outer space, or any other activity other than guiding your camera cable.

e/ Do not use the belt in extreme conditions, such as snow, frosty weather, rain, sun, under water, in the desert, or in a dusty/sandy environment and working nearby or close by heavy industry or nearby/or with any chemicals that cause corrosion in gas or liquid form, to leather, metal, or plastic's.

4/ warranty will be given for six months after date of purchase, as printed on your original orderform. Warranty does apply only to error in manufacturing or non functioning of the metal cable hooks or the belt lock. All damage, forthcoming from wrong use, can not be claimed in any form or way at/from Cable-on / or Camerabelt™.

5/Repairs will not be made. If any part of the belt is worn down or damaged and it exceeds the warranty limit of six month's, spare parts can be ordered and will be sent to you so you can make local repair's. This is considered cheaper than shipping-repairing-shipping back Parts. All part's, handling and shipping must be paid by buyer.

Shipping & handling
6/ When manufacturing, packing, shipping and handling, we will use great precaution. Tracking numbers of the shipment will be send to you by e-mail. We will only use the very best company's in transportation. If any shipment of belts and possible ad-on's might get lost or damaged cable-on / camerabelt™ can in no way be held responsible fore the loss of goods. All claims must be placed by the transportation company.

physical complaints
Cable-on / camerabelt™ can not be held responsible fore any (existing) physical or mental complaints/ailment, forthcoming from the use of the belt.

If any of the above is violated , cable-on / camerabelt™ can not be held responsible in any way fore the consequences, damage or other discomfort or ailment that might occur doing so.