The camerabelt™ is designed to support the (professional) hand-held cameraman and is sold worldwide, with great success for over 12 years. Anybody used to working with (professional) hand-held camera's is unanimous: It's a perfect solution that provides great comfort while working hand-held, both indoor and outdoor.
Although it is a very solid and strong belt, it's very light to wear.
All parts used are solid and proven to be durable for a long time.
The camerabelt™ is also provided with a holster to keep
an AA Mag-lite. This comes in handy, finding your way
on dark stage's or leveling your tripod.
Until now, every cameraman that started using the camerabelt™, became very enthusiastic from the first moment he or she snaped on the belt, and felt it's comfortable fit and light, lower back, supporting pressure.
The wooden camera stabilizer provides great stability when
shooting from the hip, or becomes a rest, on which you can lean your camera, while waiting for the director to call the shots.