> In order to offer our highly valued customers the best aerial related service's we have divided our company into multiple devisions. Each devision contains a dedicated service and serves a different level of expertise. 

> All divisions are leading in there field of expertise.  Our marketing strategy is aimed at the middle and high-end (film & television) industry, as wel as industrial and consumer related drone services & sales. 

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> Droneland is our platform for building, tweaking, improving  and selling high-end multirotor solutions.

Multirotor systems we build, are
ratted 10 out of 10 points by EuroUSC™, Europe's leading independent Accreditation Specialist for 'Airworthiness & Pilot Qualifications.
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> VideoDrone is our leading aerial providing service in the Dutch and worldwide market. We are dedicated to provide the best aerial filming experience on the globe.
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> DroneLand.academy is our EuroUSC™ certified high end pilot training school.
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> DroneLand.Racing DroneLand is sponsoring it's own drone-racingteam.
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> Complementary service to our highly valued customers. We provide free additional support with dedicated productpages and educational video's
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> In-house developed post-funeral service. We provide stylish ashes strewing with a drone. This is a way for people to say farewell to their loved ones.
We respectfully provide this serves worldwide.

The Dutch Drone Group B.V is reregistered with the Camber of Commerce Amersfoort, The Netherlands
with registration number :

Main adres

Annie M.G. Schmidtweg 134,
1321 NB, Almere
Phone: +31852017421
Email: info@droneland.nl